My name is Adam Lewis. I was born in London and grew up in the Hampshire town of Andover from the age of three.
Since leaving school my life has revolved around motorcycles. 10 years as a British Championship Road Racer was followed by a few years of clubman enduro, supermoto and a few trips to Europe on a sports bike.

In March 2006 I left England to spend 2.5years riding around the world on a motorcycle but soon learned it wasn't long enough. As the list of countries I wanted to visit increased so my journey evolved into a way of life and so as of October 2013 I've ridden 280,000km through 64 countries. You can read my blog at -

It has been a great opportunity to rekindle my schoolboy hobby of photography (mainly railway related) and develop it into what you see here.

This site acts as a gallery for my travel blog as well as being a showpiece for my photography and as such there are photos here that fall short on quality but are important to my story telling. Sometime soon I hope to separate the two.

I hope you enjoy your visit.

Adam Lewis

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